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It is a worldwide popularized concept, that social networking platform is virtually guided by the preference and empathy of the public. With millions of users active on its online domain, Pinterest is continuing to make effort to be more and more perfect from the perspective of its regular customer. So the engagement with online discoveries is taking them up with the machine learning as the new prospective to maintaining the position.

We all know that people meet at Pinterest to share videos, images and their preferences in the online platform. And if the contents seem to be perfectly fit for them, of course will be retained in the platform. The recommendations driven by the contents are encouraging them to buy products. And of course to make the recommendations work, they need to rely on data-driven techniques and other experimentations.

The experts from Pinterest’s say that experimentation is definitely a main part of their role. Hundreds of changes are brought to the experiment for staying alive in the competition, were some leads to success and other may drag down to wrong point, but yet chances for improvement are many. The approach to discovering and solving a problem deeply lies with the authenticity of the direction you move.

The advantages of this platform are many:

  • This social marketing platform is built according to the preference of the common people as they save those preferred photos, videos and contents into this virtual board. Here they doesn’t have to go on for researching like following the clicks of its users or like measuring the time users have spent on a particular post. But the algorithm can do the task, by just checking the post that have pinned by the majority and so how can it be related to a future user.
  • Most of the companies are spending their quality times on inferring the preferences of their client. But at the Pinterest users are directly pinning their interest on the board, or in a way the website works on sharing the interest of their customers.
  • The platform is definitely growing with strong base of their users and is concentrated on the following three nodes.
  1. The connection between different users of the platform
  2. The category of the items they pin
  3. The board preferred for pinning
  • The provision for customization is an important effort from the company for actively strengthening their base.
  • The activation of the pinned searches is yet another advantage of the Pinterest for finding the pinned images that are similar to other picture. Not only can the images as a whole, but the some part of the image also be searched in the pinned library. The user need to click on the particular object in the image and can search for the object to find its availability on the picture. In fact the result is often drawn by searching each and every point in the image, thus finding the exactly matching ones.

In case you are searching for a bed coat, what can be the fine idea for searching? To send 1000’s of similar collection of kitchen sink, or just a set of recommendations that could rule you to design a perfect fresh one. Whatever be the most preferable decision, the company could judge it by simply carrying out certain experiments with the note of a machine language. Many experiments like these are conducted for indulging in the right track with the customer.

Apart from actual testing there is no other way for finding whether the audiences will accept the new presentation that is designed to them. It is true that you cannot assign someone to judge that a particular pin is going to get the user preference. But at the same time, a machine learning algorithm can suggest on that accurately by doing the approximation with the past data.

Anyhow the concept and the approaches are changing so frequently that a particular technique cannot last for a long period. It changes frequently, may be in a day or even in hours so updating you with the technology has become so much important. The machine learning equips the application to move up with the user preferences and change, making the real-world engagement so much possible.