3 Major Updating that Must be Mandatorily Look Out for your Website to Stay SEO Friendly

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What do you know about AMP and SEO Expectation on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages?
December 18, 2016
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February 24, 2017
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SEO Update

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a spectacular phase of online technology that is claiming the credit of tremendous changes in web business. If someone thinks that a particular strategy can make their website excel in search engines for a quite long period, it is wrong! SEO is evolving day by day and so its implementation too.  Some of the root principles like content marketing, technical mark up and link building have been in the limelight of SEO, but now the experts are expelling its old format from the scene.

Now the lightness in accessing contents has become a priority among the users. For example the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is encouraging the publishers to release their contents in the simplified format for the users to access it quickly.

1) Elaborating the Utilization of Accelerated Mobile Pages

In fact Google, Facebook, and Bing, all these online giants are doing their best to make the content access easily and quickly. They are equipping the publishers to get updated with their new facility and thereby cutting down the access time. Most of the advertisers nowadays are trying to incorporate the AMP technology to their website after realizing its potential in getting attracting by the major search engines. The “carousel” Google’s feature prefers the website with AMP technology to other websites.

What is the Real Purpose of AMP?

The best answer is that it helps your website content reach out to the customers more quickly and easily. But at the same time the content relevancy must be protected without over loading flashy animations or videos. However making your website AMP supported can really work to solve the ranking issue on mobile search engines.

2) RankBrain            

New and Productive technologies are added on regular basis by Google, which should be seriously followed by webmasters to maintain the role of their website in top position. Google’s RankBrain is one such innovative concept, helping the searchers in finding out the most relevant results. The mystery is that nobody knows the factors that are making the contents favorable to the RankBrain or technique of sorting out the content relevant for the searcher. Any how the technology has gone through many iterative test phases and the updates have made it work according to the search preference of the users.

The Relevance of RankBrain in your Business

It explores the need for focusing on contents that are relevant for the searchers or writing contents that are interesting for the audience, rather than developing keyword based articles. The topic selection can be done by considering the social media preferences, the search engine history or those topics which received high traffic on recent times.

3) The Increasing Popularity of Voice Searches and Bing

Nowadays with the wide usage of smart phones, voice based searching is gaining too much importance. The apps like Amazon Alexa are encouraging the voice searching and according to general information, voice search is covering the 20% of all other search format.

Anyhow catching up these modifications is too much important for preventing your website from slumping down the graph in the search results.